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IMDB Rating : 4.6
IMDB Votes : 1,401
User Reviews : 23
Movie Rated : R
Date Released : 22 May 2014
Run Time : 96 min
Movie Genre : Action, Drama, Thriller
Movie Director : Keith Parmer
Movie Writer : Keith Parmer
Movie Stars : Jean-Claude Van Damme, Mindy Robinson, Lennie James, Alfred Molina

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Swelter Ten years after their casino heist, four escaped convicts trace their former partner to a desert town, where he is now a lawman with no memory of his criminal past.

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Spaghetti Western is back…from the US

I really enjoyed this film. I think it is an interesting, fresh, new take on the Western/Action genre. Of course, it seems like the presence of such a big name like Jean-Claude Van Damme in the cast may lead into thinking of SWELTER as a pure action/martial arts film. Well, it is not. It is more of a modern drama with a Western vibe. JCVD plays an interesting role in this film and he brilliantly mixes in with the rest of the cast giving his contribution to the story. Yes, the aim of writer/director Keith Parmer seems to be the story: the film is slow-paced with strong moments of rapid action because it needs time for the characters and the several sub-plots to unfold. SWELTER is a film you have to sit down and pay attention to. It's not just explosions and fights (although there are some very cool ones in it).

It's a film full of details where everything you see is meant to be seen and every dialog makes sense in the big picture once you get to the end of the story. It's like putting the pieces of a mosaic together and finally figure out what really happened and how everything is connected.

It may not be a film for everybody but it is definitely a good watch for those who love films like "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly" or "A History of Violence".

The cast is great but a special mention goes to Alfred Molina, Grant Bowler and Academy-Award-nominee Catalina Sandino Moreno who deliver amazing performances.

Totally recommended.