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IMDB Rating : 7.5
IMDB Votes : 3,720
User Reviews : 38
Movie Rated : R
Date Released : 21 February 2015
Run Time : 105 min
Movie Genre : Comedy, Drama, Music
Movie Director : William H. Macy
Movie Writer : Casey Twenter, Jeff Robison
Movie Stars : Billy Crudup, Anton Yelchin, Felicity Huffman, Selena Gomez

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Rudderless A grieving father in a downward spiral stumbles across a box of his recently deceased son’s demo tapes and lyrics. Shocked by the discovery of this unknown talent, he forms a band in the hope of finding some catharsis.

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Great movie, great music, forgettable title

We saw this film today at our movie preview club. Wow! Best film I've seen so far this year (although the big guns have yet to come out). The only problem with it is I can't for the life of me remember the film's name in order to tell my friends to go see it.

It's not easy writing and directing an original movie that has a new slant on a familiar topic – a tragic mass murder at a school in which the main character's son dies. To do it poignantly and lovingly, and add in some really terrific music, is to accomplish a great deal indeed.

There's a lot to like here. Billy Crudup, in virtually every scene, shows his depth as an actor as he tries to come to terms with his cataclysmic loss. The music that Crudup's character discovers is well beyond good, and it's used effectively to move the story along and just plain listen to. The band members who help play the music add exuberance, the anxiety of youth, and humor. One great moment: When the band plays the children's song "The Wheels on the Bus."

Macy proves to be an excellent story-teller. Not much back story about any character, but none is needed, because this film takes place in an ever-evolving present. And – without saying a word about what it is – Macy does the most difficult thing to do in a film: he nails the ending. I'm ready to go see it again.