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Open WindowsOpen Windows
IMDB Rating : 5.2
IMDB Votes : 7,314
User Reviews : 41
Date Released : 2 October 2014
Run Time : 100 min
Movie Genre : Action, Crime, Thriller
Movie Director : Nacho Vigalondo
Movie Writer : Nacho Vigalondo
Movie Stars : Sasha Grey, Elijah Wood, Neil Maskell, Michelle Jenner

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Open Windows An actress named Jill refuses to have dinner with Nick, a fan who won a date with her in an Internet contest. In return, a guy named Chord, posing as Jill’s campaign manager, helps Nick to follow in the footsteps of the actress from his own computer. Nick starts a game in which he realizes that he is only a puppet into the maniacal plans devised by Chord, to hunt down the star.

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Gimmick, Gimmick, Gimmick a Man After Midnight

Nick Chambers (Elijah Wood), a nerdy fan of a celebrated actress Jill Goddard (Sasha Grey), is in a hotel-room waiting for a meet-and-greet dinner with his idol, when a voice on Skype tells him she has cancelled, but the mysterious stranger gives him access to video feed of Jill's phone as well as security cameras following her every move. Pretty soon, it becomes obvious that Nick is a pawn in an elaborate conspiracy against Jill. Filmed almost entirely from Nick's laptop, with the camera jumping between different desktop streams and video's, it may have some things to say about privacy, intrusion and celebrity culture in the modern age, but it's all too gimmicky and forced to work as a convincing thriller.