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Ironclad: Battle for BloodIronclad: Battle for Blood
IMDB Rating : 4.4
IMDB Votes : 1,167
User Reviews : 14
Date Released : 11 July 2014
Run Time : 108 min
Movie Genre : Action, Adventure
Movie Director : Jonathan English
Movie Writer : Jonathan English, Stephen McDool
Movie Stars : Michelle Fairley, Roxanne McKee, Tom Austen, David Rintoul. A survivor of the Great Siege of Rochester Castle fights to save his clan from Celtic raiders. A sequel to the 2011 film, "Ironclad."” />

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Ironclad: Battle for Blood Gathered together by young Hubert (Tom Rhys Harries), a small band of hired swords gather inside his families castle intent on holding off evil Celtic Tribesmen hell-bent on revenge for the death of their leaders’ son: a young mercenary named Guy (Tom Austen) whose soul is wracked with guilt over the atrocities he has committed during the days and years after the great battle of Rochester Castle and his burgeoning feelings for Kate, his cousin (Roxanne McKee), ; battle-hardened mercenaries such as Berenger (David Caves), who fight not for God and country for money and bloodlust.

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Nothing terrible but like most sequels it seems to diminish what was likable about the original.

"There's always men whose honor can be bought." When a man looking for revenge for the death of his son during the siege of Rochester Castle begins to plot his attack Hubert (Harries) sets out to find his cousin Guy (Austen) for help. What he hopes to find is someone with the same passion for protecting his land that he does, but what he finds is a war hardened mercenary who is only interested in money. When Guy returns to the castle old feeling begin to come back and he must control his emotions as well as fight off the attacking Celts. I have never been a big fan of these mid-evil type movies. I did like the first Ironclad though (mainly because I love Paul Giamitti) but was still a little leery about watching this one. This one, like most sequels, isn't as good as the first one. This one never seemed to fall into what it wanted to me. The movie starts off very violent and graphic, then becomes a revenge movie and finally a story about a man trying to reconnect with himself and his past life. Action fans will like this because there is a lot of fighting and blood (sometimes over the top though) but if you are looking for a complete movie with plot and a story to keep you interested then look elsewhere. Overall, nothing terrible but like most sequels it seems to diminish what was likable about the original. I give this a C+.