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Bro, What Happened?Bro, What Happened?
IMDB Rating : 3.3
IMDB Votes : 293
User Reviews : 20
Date Released : 7 October 2014
Movie Genre : Comedy
Movie Director : Dante
Movie Writer : Joe Benkis, Dante
Movie Stars : Carlee Baker, Annie Baria, Amanda Barton, Felicia Blade

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Bro, What Happened? Phil and his friends try to piece together what happened at the previous night’s drugs, sex and booze filled party. As they dig deeper it becomes more and more clear that whatever happened, it was one epic night.

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I'll tell yu haat

Bro, this movie is so good. Bro, all the women in this movie are hot as Hell, because apparently I cant use any other bad words. They may not be the best actors but they'll certainly bring something out from deep inside of you. Bro, look I'm gonna be honest, i don't know what's going on in this movie, but its not the worst thing you could watch. I mean come on, have you ever seen P.S. I Love You?? What the hell was Gerard Butler thinking? That came out right after 300 too. I was 16 years old and entirely disappointed to learn what had become of King Leonidas after his beheading. But I digress, the point is that this isn't the greatest movie in the world but there's way worse stuff out there. So bro, get out there and find out what happened.