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The Mummy ResurrectedThe Mummy Resurrected
IMDB Rating : 2.0
IMDB Votes : 688
User Reviews : 15
Date Released : 1 March 2014
Run Time : 80 min
Movie Genre : Horror
Movie Director : Patrick McManus
Movie Stars : Lauren Bronleewe, Elizabeth Friedman, Bailey Gaddis, Iyad Hajjaj

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The Mummy Resurrected A team of archaeologists discover an ancient mummy, unleashing a deadly curse from its eternal tomb.

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An abomination

And not the case of a good premise, weak execution but The Mummy Resurrected actually managed to be disaster from the get go. The way it looks gives an insult to the word amateurish, there have been worse special effects but these effects were stiff in movement and look so hastily done, very slapdash at best. The sloppy editing, drab lighting and haphazard camera shots further add to how bad the movie looks. If you are looking for good dialogue, acting or characters you won't find any of those here. The dialogue has a very awkward vibe, a lot of it sounds like total gibberish and improvisatory. The acting screams of both inexperience and pretty actresses- their beauty is pretty much the only halfway decent thing about The Mummy Resurrected if even that- who just go through the motions, have no chemistry between each them and not one seems to care about what would happen to them. Not once do you care for or connect to a character so you feel nothing when there's one less of them, some are so obnoxious you find yourself cheering inside when they're no longer there. The antagonist is a long way from threatening or scary, if anything more goofy than anything else. Worst of all was the story, one so lacking in fun, suspense or tension and filled with ridiculousness and so pedestrian in pace that it's pretty much non-existent. You can say the same for the directing too. All in all, an abomination that is only redeemed(in a very, very minute way) by the beauty of the actresses, which solely gives The Mummy Resurrected 1/10. Everything else however gets a big fat zero. Bethany Cox