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The HumblingThe Humbling
IMDB Rating : 5.9
IMDB Votes : 1,790
User Reviews : 15
Movie Rated : R
Date Released : 31 December 2014
Run Time : 112 min
Movie Genre : Comedy, Drama
Movie Director : Barry Levinson
Movie Writer : Buck Henry, Philip Roth
Movie Stars : Al Pacino, Kyra Sedgwick, Greta Gerwig, Dianne Wiest

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The Humbling An aged and addled actor has his world turned upside down after he embarks upon an affair with a lesbian, in this acidulous adaptation of the Philip Roth novel.

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Wasted Talent

When I first saw this film in On Demand's list of new releases and read the synopsis, I was excited. A relationship movie with Greta Gerwig and Al Pacino in the leads? Wow. I am a great fan of Greta Gerwig's work, and, of course, Pacino is Pacino. The fact that the synopsis said it was an adaptation of a Philip Roth book did not deter me. Rather, I thought, this is one instance in which the film will be better than the book. I long ago stopped reading Roth's work due to finding him way too misogynistic for my taste. So I sat down to watch The Humbling with great expectations and was pretty quickly, er, humbled. The letdown began with Pacino dreaming he got locked out of the theater, and I was able to recall that it was in Birdman that I just saw that same scene, more or less. When Greta entered the picture I could tell immediately that I wasn't going to like her in this role as much as her others. It seemed obvious that she was chosen for the role because someone told the casting person that she does "quirky" well. What a waste… then again, I'd guess that she and Pacino both welcomed the opportunity to practice their art, no matter what the results. Neither of them, after all, wrote the screenplay or the book.