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St. VincentSt. Vincent
IMDB Rating : 7.3
IMDB Votes : 39,866
User Reviews : 127
Movie Rated : PG-13
Date Released : 24 October 2014
Run Time : 102 min
Movie Genre : Comedy, Drama
Movie Director : Theodore Melfi
Movie Writer : Theodore Melfi
Movie Stars : Bill Murray, Melissa McCarthy, Naomi Watts, Jaeden Lieberher

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St. Vincent Vincent is an old Vietnam vet whose stubbornly hedonistic ways have left him without money or a future. Things change when his new next-door neighbor’s son, Oliver, needs a babysitter and Vince is willing enough for a fee. From that self-serving act, an unexpected friendship forms as Vincent and Oliver find so much of each other’s needs through each other. As Vincent mentors Oliver in street survival and other worldly ways, Oliver begins to see more in the old man than just his foibles. When life takes a turn for the worse for Vincent, both them find the best in each other than no one around them suspects.

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I think Bill nailed it

As a picture of real life, and all the superficial BS, and as ugly as real life can be….spot on..thanks to all that brought this to the screen. VS the mind numbing Crapsicles they usually serve us in most movies. Murray is AWESOME as he was in the Razor's Edge..when he was at his tragic comedy best. Proud to be a Murray! Want to know what REAL life is like…go see this. This is by far one of his best roles. Human-yes, flawed-yes. Bring a few tissues. None of us are perfect but this makes us realize that our flaws make us, in other words, a saint. I think tat this is one of the Best Roles ever that I have seen Bill in. Sure, it is funny when he is the clown but watching this will break your heart….in a good way