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Pocket ListingPocket Listing
Date Released : 16 March 2015
Run Time : 92 min
Movie Genre : Action, Comedy, Crime, Thriller
Movie Director : Conor Allyn
Movie Writer : James Jurdi
Movie Stars : Rob Lowe, Burt Reynolds, Noel Gugliemi, Kwesi Boakye

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Pocket Listing A satirical thriller about L.A.’s real estate roller coaster. Double crosses, adultery, murder, mistaken identity, and revenge ensues when a mysterious power player and his sultry wife hire a disgraced Los Angeles property broker to discreetly market and sell their Malibu villa.

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Review Pocket Listing :

Throwback to the days of great, crime comedies

A light, enjoyable, hard to categorize film, "Pocket Listing" is a cocktail of satirical socioeconomic commentary mixed in with the kind of clever, twisty L.A. crime thrillers that were popular in the '90s.

Fueled by a stellar cast, a strong script, and sharp direction, the film is a character-driven piece with a lot of really colorful players. Mexican gangsters, Russian goons, scheming real estate agents, crooked wheeler and dealers, and one hell of a hot vixen comprise a fascinating cast of characters which make the film both original and nuanced.

Lowe, Reynolds, Jurdi, Clark, and Fahey all deliver first rate performances which push the story forward fluidly and succinctly.

Movies like this are a dime a dozen.