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He Who DaresHe Who Dares
IMDB Rating : 2.9
IMDB Votes : 575
User Reviews : 35
Date Released : 16 May 2014
Run Time : 82 min
Movie Genre : Action, Crime, Thriller
Movie Director : Paul Tanter
Movie Writer : James Crow, Simon Phillips
Movie Stars : Tom Benedict Knight, Simon Phillips, Christina Bellavia, Ewan Ross

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He Who Dares A group of ruthless masked terrorists kidnap the Prime Ministers daughter, fortifying themselves in an underground car park rigged with explosives. A crack SAS team are sent in and must take the building one level at a time.

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Review He Who Dares :

82 minutes of my life I will never get back!

I've seen some bad films in my life and this ranks up there with the worst of them.

The lead villain over acted so much, he was almost good, he probably has potential if he had a better film to act in.

I was a bit confused at first that I was watching some sort of GCSE media studies project, if that was the case, I might have given it a C…… But it wasn't, I'm really angry with myself for watching this the whole way through, should have gone with with gut instinct and quit after 30 secs.

Nonsense story, plot holes all over the place, extremely am dram acting, massive thumbs down. Half a star!