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Cold in JulyCold in July
IMDB Rating : 6.9
IMDB Votes : 17,467
User Reviews : 90
Movie Rated : R
Date Released : 31 December 2014
Run Time : 109 min
Movie Genre : Crime, Thriller
Movie Director : Jim Mickle
Movie Writer : Nick Damici, Joe R. Lansdale
Movie Stars : Michael C. Hall, Sam Shepard, Don Johnson, Vinessa Shaw

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Cold in July In 1989, in the east of Texas, Ann Dane overhears a noise during the night and awakes her husband Richard Dane. He picks up his gun and stumbles with a burglar in the living room and accidentally shoots and kills the intruder. He is identified by the police as the wanted criminal Freddy Russell, but Richard is affected by the incident. Richard goes to the cemetery to see Freddy’s burial and his father Ben Russell, who is also a criminal on parole, talks to Richard and asks for his son. Richard brings his son from the school and meets his wife at the police station, but the police inspector Ray Price cannot do anything to help him. Soon Richard finds that someone has broken in his house and the police officers stake out the place. However Ben breaks in the house but escapes. Ray calls Richard to tell him that Ben was arrested in Mexico and the case is closed. While leaving the station, he sees a picture of Freddy Russell and he realizes that he is not the burglar. Richard …

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One shot is enough

How many men can one bullet kill? That is the catch line on the film poster, and it is one of the best definitions of a film I have ever read. Based on a novel by Joe R. Lansdale, this is the story of Richard Dane (Michael C. Hall, eternal "Dexter"), a protective family man that kills a burglar inside his home. Still in shock after the event, he is not fully aware of what that single shot has triggered.

I must confess I wanted to see the movie because I am a big fan of "Dexter" (James Manos Jr. 2006-13), and after this show and his role in "Six Feet Under" (Alan Ball, 2001-2005), I already thought Michael C. Hall was a great actor. Having watched this film, I admire him even more. It is not easy to shake a character that has been with you for so long, but Hall just nails this average man, father and husband. How such a man reacts when killing for the first time and everything afterwards, it is outstanding. The other actors in this trio are Sam Shepard as the father of the deceased burglar, and Don Johnson as a government agent, two tough guys that shows up as a result of Dane's killing. Both Johnson and Shepard really fit the role and they support Hall perfectly.

This film is tough, maybe not in a graphic way, but throughout the film you start to feel the burden of the events, the consequences of it. It is also a story of good and evil, of doing the right thing, and all the unexpected things behind that decision. The film is divided into two parts, and in the second segment, there is a shift in the tone, though there is something true about the whole film, it is a gritty, harsh story. How an ordinary man copes with life after a rough, life-changing event.