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The Taking of Deborah LoganThe Taking of Deborah Logan
IMDB Rating : 6.1
IMDB Votes : 5,368
User Reviews : 36
Movie Rated : R
Date Released : 21 October 2014
Run Time : 90 min
Movie Genre : Horror, Thriller
Movie Director : Adam Robitel
Movie Writer : Gavin Heffernan, Adam Robitel
Movie Stars : Jill Larson, Anne Ramsay, Michelle Ang, Ryan Cutrona

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The Taking of Deborah Logan What starts as a poignant medical documentary about Deborah Logan’s descent into Alzheimer’s disease and her daughter’s struggles as caregiver degenerates into a maddening portrayal of dementia at its most frightening, as hair-raising events begin to plague the family and crew and an unspeakable malevolence threatens to tear the very fabric of sanity from them all.

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Wow! What a ride

First time in a very long time that a film has made me jump throughout the whole movie. This movie was creepy from beginning to end. It isn't deep or thought provoking, just good old fashion horror. I also like the fresh take on the possession genre. This film didn't use the same old formula. Alzheimer's is a scary and disturbing disease. It is especially traumatizing for caretakers of Alzheimer's patients. So in the beginning you only believe it's the disease but as the film progresses, you start to wonder if something else is going on.

It I is a "footage" type film as the crew is there to film the progression of Alzheimer's for a thesis. But it is done in such a way that it stands above most other footage type films. Sure some minor plot holes or little mistakes but an excellent scary movie for a lights out horror fest.