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The PyramidThe Pyramid
IMDB Rating : 4.9
IMDB Votes : 4,472
User Reviews : 46
Movie Rated : R
Date Released : 5 December 2014
Run Time : 89 min
Movie Genre : Horror, Thriller
Movie Director : Grégory Levasseur
Movie Writer : Daniel Meersand, Nick Simon
Movie Stars : Ashley Hinshaw, James Buckley, Denis O’Hare, Christa Nicola

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The Pyramid A team of U.S. archaeologists unearths an ancient pyramid buried deep beneath the Egyptian desert. As they search the pyramid’s depths, they become hopelessly lost in its dark and endless catacombs. Searching for a way out, they become desperate to seek daylight again. They come to realize they aren’t just trapped, they are being hunted.

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Review The Pyramid :

Nothing special…

The Pyramid is yet another addition to the "dangerous exploration" genre. I found it mildly entertaining, yet not at all special or particularly interesting.

The story is the usual: explorers on a mission. Their organization, and the local residents are telling them to go home because "it's too dangerous," but they go on anyway. Scary stuff starts to happen, and they proceed onward until… well, you know.

The main actress comes from the Megan Fox school of open-mouth-pouty-face acting. She is supposed to be a successful anthropologist, but she comes off as a ditz. I'm not saying this because she is blonde and attractive… it was the way she delivered her lines.

The CGI was pretty awful. I won't spoil, but at one point toward the end it appeared that someone was wearing a prosthetic mask with really prominent eye holes. Some other things looked quite fake as well.

It was … okay.