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The November ManThe November Man
IMDB Rating : 6.3
IMDB Votes : 32,483
User Reviews : 113
Movie Rated : R
Date Released : 27 August 2014
Run Time : 108 min
Movie Genre : Action, Crime, Thriller
Movie Director : Roger Donaldson
Movie Writer : Michael Finch, Karl Gajdusek
Movie Stars : Pierce Brosnan, Luke Bracey, Olga Kurylenko, Bill Smitrovich

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The November Man Peter Devereaux is a former CIA agent who is asked by the man he worked for to extract a woman who is in Russia and is presently close to a man running for President, who is believed to have committed crimes during the Chechen war. She can give them the name of someone who can prove it. His friend says that she will only come to him. So he goes and she gets the info and tries to get out but the man finds out and tries to stop her. Peter arrives and saves her but as they are getting away they’re shot at. She is killed but tells Peter the name before she dies. Peter kills the men who attacked them but when he sees the leader, Mason, a man he trained, he realizes the CIA is involved. He tries to find the person and the only one who might know where she is is Alice Fournier, the social worker who helped her when she came to the West. A CIA bigwig steps in and orders that Devereaux be taken off the case and wants Mason to take care of it. The Presidential candidate sends an assassin to …

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Best spy thriller since Bourne

November Man is a hard edged mother of a ride that demands you pay attention. I went back and watched it a second time because it was just to intense to figure out every layer and twist. Between the velocity of pace and the multiple story lines, I guessing these writers must be gamers in their time off.

Finally, this is the Brosnan we have been waiting to see. A hard man with only a drop of humanity left that is closer to a bass ass killer than a government agent. And definitely not a spy who would boat in on a mission, slowly gliding through hundreds of torch lights, to get information. Olga is another revelation. Admittedly, Quantum was not her finest hour, but, Alice, her character in this film, might be one of the best performances of her career.

That brings me to Luke Bracey. Masculine, likable and a charming opponent for Pierce. Not a star yet, but someone to take note of. Another cool aspect of the film is that it is shot in Serbia which feels like the perfect place to shoot this kind of movie. All the actors were amazing including Lazar, the Russian president elect.

This is a spy film that makes you feel like you are witnessing real events. Let's hope they continue to make more.