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The Longest WeekThe Longest Week
IMDB Rating : 5.4
IMDB Votes : 4,725
User Reviews : 19
Movie Rated : PG-13
Date Released : 5 September 2014
Run Time : 86 min
Movie Genre : Comedy, Drama
Movie Director : Peter Glanz
Movie Writer : Peter Glanz, Peter Glanz
Movie Stars : Jason Bateman, Olivia Wilde, Billy Crudup, Tony Roberts

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The Longest Week Affluent and aimless, Conrad Valmont lives a life of leisure in his parent’s prestigious Manhattan Hotel. In the span of one week, he finds himself evicted, disinherited, and… in love.

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549th Review – If You Miss By Just A Millimeter 10 000 Times…

The Longest Week is a lesson that it's possible to have ideas, a great cast, a good script and then put it all up on screen and miss – dreadfully.

The Longest Week comes with a healthy dose of frustration as we delve into the incredibly narcissistic world that our three main protagonists live in. It borrows from the New York film book but is too much in love with the world it wants to send up and we fall, not for the characters, but asleep.

This film is not a mess – it looks great, the acting is great, the constant narration is annoying, but more than that is a vast sense of alienation between the screen and the viewer – it's an unbridgeable abyss caused by a palpable sense of ennui and boredom.

All in all, the next film will work – this goes from charm to smarmy to boring very fast and never gets us to care one jot.