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Red SkyRed Sky
IMDB Rating : 4.3
IMDB Votes : 694
User Reviews : 8
Movie Rated : PG-13
Date Released : 13 March 2014
Movie Genre : Action, Thriller
Movie Director : Mario Van Peebles
Movie Writer : Randy Arrington, Adam Prince
Movie Stars : Rachael Leigh Cook, Cam Gigandet, Shane West, Bill Pullman

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Red Sky Disgraced Top Gun fighter pilot Butch Masters leads a rogue squad in recovery of a WMD. Masters must navigate a fractured friendship, a love triangle, and must take to the skies to reclaim his military and personal honor.

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An enjoyable action packed thriller

This film tells the story of a group air force soldiers who are disgraced because they received erroneous instructions, but they are unable to prove their innocence. Years later, they have a chance to clear their name by stopping the detonation of a deadly weapon.

The plot is well written and full of thrills. The constant air stunts and fighter pilots battling on the skies are very fascinating. The tight plot keeps me on edge all the time. I also like the portrayal of brotherhood among the soldiers. It's great that the film it's not too bloody given it's an action packed thriller. I enjoyed watching "Red Skies" a lot.