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Kingdom ComeKingdom Come
IMDB Rating : 4.0
IMDB Votes : 541
User Reviews : 9
Date Released : 20 August 2014
Run Time : 97 min
Movie Genre : Horror
Movie Director : Greg A. Sager
Movie Writer : Greg A. Sager, Geoff Hart
Movie Stars : Ry Barrett, Camille Hollett-French, William Foley, Jason Martorino

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Kingdom Come A group of strangers who wake up in what appears to be an abandoned building, unable to remember how they got there, find themselves haunted by strange visions and are forced to face all the wrongs they have done in their lives.

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Slightly better than average.

Sure I've seen plenty with this subject on, yet somehow, Kingdom Come seemed better than most and if not, at least more heartwarming. What makes this a decent production compared to say, Devils's Dozen per example?

Well let's see, the acting, looked good enough, some of the actors actually knew what they were doing. Is the subject original? No. Is the direction taken on a different road? Again, no. But the effects, were decent enough for what they were supposed to do, they didn't try too hard, they worked with what they had, thus one must appreciate the effort put in it. I hate it when a movie tries to compensate on bad effects, or gore, or nudity. Not the case here, don't get me wrong, you'll get your part of nudity, a little blood here and there, but they are important to the story. Overall, I gave it a 5, quite possibly the film will be graded in time with an universal 4.2-4.4 but I wanted to give it a little push. Possibly has to do with the fact that expected very little of it. Anyway I am pleased with it.

Of course for better productions on this gender try Devil or Dead End. Both movies get a solid 7.5-8 on my books.