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Honig im KopfHonig im Kopf
IMDB Rating : 7.0
IMDB Votes : 962
User Reviews : 6
Date Released : 25 December 2014
Movie Genre : Drama
Movie Director : Til Schweiger, Lars Gmehling
Movie Writer : Hilly Martinek, Til Schweiger
Movie Stars : Til Schweiger, Dar Salim, Emma Schweiger, Jeanette Hain

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Honig im Kopf Its a story about a special love, the love between TILDA and her grandfather AMANDUS. Amandus has Alzheimers. He always was the bon vivant, the humorous and beloved head of the family now he starts acting like a child. Only the ten year old Tilda can deal with him and his disease she looks at it with the eyes of a child and a kind of humour and sensitivity that makes it easier to approach Amandus when he is lost in his new own world. This special connection approaches the disease in a humorous but emotional way, without forgetting about its tragedy.

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Absolutely brilliant, stunning, impressive!

Go and see this film, next week, tomorrow, right now!

No matter how old you are or of what gender or what you think about both Til Schweiger or Dieter Hallervorden. Go and see this film. It's worth it. It will touch you, even if you're a tough guy. It will amaze you. It will make you silently cry into your tissue. Silently, because you don't want to miss out on the next joke. Yes, this film is drama and comedy and character study and at the same time not shy to do fart jokes. It's the best by and with Til Schweiger I've seen and I certainly don't fancy him. But he knows so well what he is doing and in this film he placed himself rather in the background.

Because the foreground is taken by Dieter Hallervorden, known for silly silly silly comedies in the 70s and 80s and delivering here a performance which is prizeworthy. And by Emma Schweiger, who is not only an actor's cute daughter dragged in front of the camera to make daddy happy, but she can act and very well so and carries with her eleven years one half of the film on her shoulders.

Go and see this film. And you, distributors out there in the world, make sure people around the world CAN actually see this film and bring it to lots and lots and lots of cinemas. Everywhere. North, south, east, west. Please. I never give ten out of ten, but this time there was no other choice. I couldn't give eleven out of ten.

See. This. Film!