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IMDB Rating : 5.0
IMDB Votes : 1,960
User Reviews : 23
Movie Rated : PG-13
Date Released : 16 December 2014
Run Time : 85 min
Movie Genre : Comedy
Movie Director : Alex Goyette
Movie Writer : Alex Goyette
Movie Stars : Cameron Dallas, Matt Shively, Lia Marie Johnson, Marcus Johns

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Expelled Felix (Cameron Dallas) is a legendary prankster who always charms his way out of trouble. However, after his third strike at school, the principal has had enough and expels him. Never defeated, Felix resorts to his infamous ways and devises a plan with his brother (Marcus Johns), best friend (Matt Shively), new friend (Lia Marie Johnson) and classmate (Andrea Russett) to hide it from his parents.

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To give it a light explanation. It's not a terrible movie. it is if you are looking for something deep. then this is not for you what so ever. But if you're just looking for a movie to pass time and watch then this movie isn't an awful choice. I've seen movies with worse acting though some acting in this movie was most definitely not favorable.I enjoyed seeing Lia Marie Johnson for a second. more because I had seen her in Fine Bro videos "Kids React" and enjoyed seeing her in a different light. I'm also a 17 year old boy though. So I may show some light bias. But all in all I believe people are being too cruel on the movie. This of course is not a professional movie, it's more of a Youtube movie. So if you watch it without looking too in depth you can still easily enjoy it.