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Camp X-RayCamp X-Ray
IMDB Rating : 7.2
IMDB Votes : 11,608
User Reviews : 36
Movie Rated : R
Date Released : 17 October 2014
Run Time : 117 min
Movie Genre : Drama, War
Movie Director : Peter Sattler
Movie Writer : Peter Sattler
Movie Stars : Kristen Stewart, Peyman Moaadi, Lane Garrison, Tara Holt

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Camp X-Ray A young soldier escapes her suffocating small town by joining the military, only to find that she isn’t going for a tour of duty in Iraq as she hoped. Instead, she’s sent to Guantanamo. Met with hatred and abuse from the men in her charge, she forges an odd friendship with a young man who has been imprisoned at Gitmo for eight years.

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Surprising and very moving

This film affected me very deeply in a way I was not expecting.

Kristen Stewart and Peyman Moaadi deliver stunning performances which take your breathe away. You really feel for this guy and Stewart has never been more convincing. I thought it would be a stretch to imagine her as a tough soldier and it is kind of surreal yet she manages to create a credible person out of the role. Her emotional distress as the contradictions of her job as camp guard begin to overwhelm her, is very powerful and a pleasure to watch.

This film totally changed my mind about Gitmo. Just because it makes you realize the awful possibility that totally innocent people may be stuck there, and that unlike any other prison in the USA, there is no way for them to appeal or for anybody to appeal on their behalf.

There must be some way to allow mistakes to be corrected. It's not right.

It's amazing to me that I never saw it that way. I just assumed that they were all hard core bad guys. But what if they aren't.

That would be a terrible fate, and this film really punches home how terrible it would be.