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A Haunted House 2A Haunted House 2
IMDB Rating : 4.7
IMDB Votes : 10,469
User Reviews : 42
Movie Rated : R
Date Released : 18 April 2014
Run Time : 86 min
Movie Genre : Comedy, Horror
Movie Director : Michael Tiddes
Movie Writer : Marlon Wayans, Rick Alvarez
Movie Stars : Marlon Wayans, Jaime Pressly, Cedric the Entertainer, Essence Atkins

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A Haunted House 2 After losing his beloved Kisha in a car accident, Malcolm starts anew, by remarrying Megan, a mother of two. When things begin to get back into their paranormal ways, targeting both the children and the property, things complicate even more when his back-to-life Kisha moves into the neighborhood.

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Marlon Wayans strikes again!

The movie is the sequel of the last year's well known horror film parody by Marlon Wayans. It could have been guessed easily, because if we were talking about „scary movies", than the name of the Wayans brothers come into everybody's mind immediately. For me they form a duo, only whose face is enough to being seen on a movie poster to get myself excited about the actual production. It was also the same situation with this movie, but the final result has ended up with a medley packed with hard mix of emotions.

Marlnon Wayans is still hilarious for me, and I think it will never change. Overall I consider the movie a really good entertainment, however the notorious comic actor has some really weird moments when he successfully managed to not poorly exaggerate and overdo his role. Sometimes when something was humorous at the beginning turned out to be a vigorous effort by the end, which is often delayed in time. So it felt to me sometimes, that it's primary purpose was to lengthen the runtime of the movie. So occasionally we can laugh on some scenes at the beginning, but after a short time that smile starts to get faded away, even though the scene continues which was intended to be funny.

The casting crew has changed a little bit. For example Wayans has an other girlfriend who is just as annoying on the big screen (and untalented) than the previous one. However, she's a perfect choice for an aesthetic element (most likely it was the goal of her role). The children do not appear on the screen so often, which made me really happy initially, because personally speaking I'm not really keen for the young actors. Buti n this movie, when the young boy was just about showing up for a minute and saying a short monologue, a loud laughter erupted from me. I really rarely say that to a child actor, but I think he did a remarkable job!

In addition, the range of characters extended with a Mexican-style amigo (who plays Wayans neighbor by the way). He's become my favorite after his first appearance on the screen. I was infatuated with listening to his non-sense spiels, and I've just loved him creating more and more amusing sentences within fractions of a second.

Otherwise the funny scenes of the movie were very similar to what we could experience in its predecessor, so if you liked the first one you'd probably like this one about the same. I think they overdid the sex-related gags a little bit. 2 or 3 are even funny, the 5th is not so, but after the tenth the production is about getting really dull and monotonous. However, the film is not too long, so it doesn't leave us enough time to get bored.

Overall, the movie is not worthy for the standard created by the classic „Scary Movie", but I consider it a perfect evening entertainment, if you simply wanna have fun.

Rating 5/10

Thanks for spending your precious free time with reading my review! Hope you liked it!