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4 Minute Mile4 Minute Mile
IMDB Rating : 6.3
IMDB Votes : 1,145
User Reviews : 9
Movie Rated : PG-13
Date Released : 1 August 2014
Run Time : 96 min
Movie Genre : Drama
Movie Director : Charles-Olivier Michaud
Movie Writer : Josh Campbell, Jeff Van Wie
Movie Stars : Analeigh Tipton, Kim Basinger, Cam Gigandet, Richard Jenkins

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4 Minute Mile “One Square Mile” is a highly charged, emotional story of a disenfranchised teen living on the wrong side of the tracks. Desperate for a way out, his life collides with an old reclusive track coach, angry at the world with no purpose in life, with who he eventually forms a bond. The two are forced to face their circumstances as they race to save each other and ultimately – themselves.

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emotionally flat

This film tells the story of a young man who takes up running as a way to get a college scholarship, so he can leave the undesirable social situation he is in.

The story of him forming a bond with a older coach, striving to win could have been touching, but "4 Minute Mile" doesn't achieve the emotional intensity that I hoped for. Mostly it's too do with the ineffective delivery of the plot. I watched the first ten minutes three times but I was still not entirely sure who was who. In addition, how the young man and the coach bond is unconvincing and poorly explained. And I think Cam Gigandet is under utilized in the film. Fortunately Richard Jenkins is there to save the day, but it still doesn't save this film from being rather flat and uninteresting.