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1 - Nenokkadine1 – Nenokkadine
IMDB Rating : 8.8
IMDB Votes : 28,867
User Reviews : 275
Date Released : 10 January 2014
Run Time : 170 min
Movie Genre : Action, Mystery, Thriller
Movie Director : Sukumar
Movie Writer : Jakka Hariprasad, Hari Prasad Jakka
Movie Stars : Mahesh Babu, Kriti Sanon, Nasser, Pradeep Singh Rawat

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1 – Nenokkadine Gautham (Mahesh Babu) is in search of the identity of his parents who were killed. He faces a psychological disorder which makes the search even more difficult. taking support of sameera(Kriti ) and figuring out ways to get to know what happened in the past makes the story.

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A new trend starts..

ONE Movie Review

Probably one of the most over-hyped, anticipated movie of the year 2014, and since it was the first big name in 2014, people expected a lot and the value of disappointment varies from person to person.

Watching the trailer, one would expect it to be another of those typical, stereotyped Telugu movie with a super star(which i thought it would be) but trust me its different, although different doesn't translate into better or good but Sukumar has taken a totally different take- no comedy, no crowd-wowing punch lines, no chemistry, no physics defying stunts, no unnatural romantic songs, no cheesy stuff but a strong, deep, emotional story which a single director failed partially to deliver.

The starting was usual, the kind of entry every tollywood actor would give but then starts the 'different' part of the movie and continued till the interval, it was so different that one would doubt one's own presence at that point of time. The director was unsuccessful in keeping the movie going in an orderly, non-boring fashion until he pulled back the audience with the interval twist.(If he hadn't done that, i would have left the theater)

After the interval he keeps you in the movie, and makes you think, think a lot(which is not usual in 'Telugu' movies). At a point of time, you will come to a conclusion that the movie is over, but he still pulls out some more tricks. And the ending it was perfect, ended at point which will not make you say 'that's it?'

Amazing performance by Mahesh, undoubtedly the best of his career so far.Brilliant cinematography, tollywood has really stepped it up and some really really cool dance moves combined with a twisty tale, its an unusual combination. This wont be a super-hit one, because its not a family-entertainer two, its not a mass entertainer either but, it attracts the people who want something new, something interesting, something 'out-of-the-box' and Sukumar has definitely started the trend.

Huge respect to Sukumar, who has taken the risk of stepping out of the 'stereotype' and creating a new hope for 'better' Telugu movies.

Well, my Rating: hmm.. it would be 8/10 for the new trend.