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IMDB Rating : 4.8
IMDB Votes : 517
User Reviews : 8
Date Released : 21 January 2014
Run Time : 110 min
Movie Genre : Action, Crime, Drama
Movie Director : David Field and George Basha, George Basha
Movie Writer : George Basha
Movie Stars : George Basha, Richard Green, Brian Ellison, David Field

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Convict Set in the dark and old Parramatta prison built by the original convicts our lead character Ray a war veteran finds himself serving 18 months for manslaughter after defending his fiance. He soon realizes that the prison boss has it in for him and does everything possible to break Ray even going after his fiance. He has to learn how to navigate his way around the internal politics and turf wars that exist and find a way to make it through to see his fiance again.

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Trust me don't bother!!!!

After seeing the Trailer for George Basha's new movie Convict i was excited hoping it would be just as good or even better than his previous movie The Combination which i loved. But boy was i disappointed, the acting, camera work,and story was a joke. To me it was an exact replica of Sylvester Stallones movie Lock Up which may i say is one of my favourite movies. It was pretty much an hour and a half of my life that i will never get back that's how bad this movie was, very disappointing when thinking a movie being written and starring George Basha is to definitely be a good one after his movie The Combination which was a great success. There was no thought in making this movie at all, sorry George Basha but hopefully you can prove me wrong next time.