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Better Living Through ChemistryBetter Living Through Chemistry
IMDB Rating : 6.3
IMDB Votes : 7,877
User Reviews : 22
Movie Rated : NOT RATED
Date Released : 14 March 2014
Run Time : 91 min
Movie Genre : Comedy, Drama
Movie Director : Geoff Moore, David Posamentier
Movie Writer : Geoff Moore, David Posamentier
Movie Stars : Sam Rockwell, Olivia Wilde, Michelle Monaghan, Jane Fonda

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Better Living Through Chemistry A strait-laced pharmacist’s uneventful life spirals out of control when he starts an affair with a trophy-wife customer who takes him on a joyride involving sex, drugs and possibly murder.

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Is life better through chemistry?

This film tells the story of a suburban pharmacist undergoing a midlife crisis. His life spirals out of control when he meets a beautiful female customer.

"Better Living Through Chemistry" spends an adequate amount of time building up a picture of Douglas' the unpleasant life. He is constantly undermined by his loved ones, and it does not feel great to be him. I feel for him, and I think Sam Rockwell does well in making me care for his character. Douglas' life changes quickly after Elizabeth arrives, some for the better and some for the worse. There is much food for thought, especially whether life is better through chemistry. The build up of the policeman plus DEA agent encounter is well done as well! It really got the character and me as well. I enjoy watching "Better Living Through Chemistry" a lot, as it gives people bits to chew on, reflecting on their own lives.